Strömungstechnik Hydraulische Netzwerke Thermo-Management Thermische Systeme Aerodynamik Strömungsakustik Motor Prozesse Virtuelle Prüfstände GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+
Advanced Flow Analysis Hydraulic Systems Thermal Management Aerodynamics Thermal Systems Flow Acoustics Engine Performance Virtual Bench Testing GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+

Aero-Acoustics /Flow Induced Noise / Sound

The analysis of acoustics phenomena that are induced by flow separation (e.g. side mirror of a car) opening and closing of valves (noise of ICE air induction and exhaust systems) and rotating devices (vehicle cooling fans) is a wide field which we approach from the gas dynamics side, dealing with the occurrence of pressure and sound waves and their propagation through the simulated system.

The analysis is targeting the occurrence of noise, its propagation through flow ducts and chambers and into the environment. We focus also on the design of Helmholtz resonators and broad-band-dampers to damp out unwanted frequencies or to attenuate the overall sound pressure level of an air induction or exhaust system.

We conduct FFT, noise reduction, insertion and transmission loss analyses on the basis of transient 1D and 3D flow simulations to understand not only the occurrence of noise but also the interaction of acoustic waves and their propagation in complex systems.

Our standard applications:

Please see our presentation "Approaches for Acoustics Simulation for Automotive Air Induction & Exhaust Systems"
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