Strömungstechnik Hydraulische Netzwerke Thermo-Management Thermische Systeme Aerodynamik Strömungsakustik Motor Prozesse Virtuelle Prüfstände GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+
Advanced Flow Analysis Hydraulic Systems Thermal Management Aerodynamics Thermal Systems Flow Acoustics Engine Performance Virtual Bench Testing GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+

Advanced Flow Analysis

We simulate motion of fluids and gases for complex geometries utilizing the 3D flow solver STAR-CCM+ and for further expanded systems the 1D CAE platform GT-SUITE. We treat two-phase flow with phase change through condensation and evaporation or chemical reacting flows with species reactions where applicable.

We manage incompressible flow as well as compressible flow from subsonic, transonic to supersonic flow phenomena with shock and expansion waves. Hence we cover a wide area of flow applications for versatile industrial applications.

We push the boundaries of simulation domains into regions where boundary conditions no longer affect the investigated component. As an example the flow around a car in a wind tunnel is simulated even though the thermal conditions of an exhaust manifold in the engine compartment is analyzed. We carry out such flow computations on our own high performance parallel cluster, which allows us to run highly complex and transient flow computations.

Excerpt of our typical industrial applications: