Strömungstechnik Hydraulische Netzwerke Thermo-Management Thermische Systeme Aerodynamik Strömungsakustik Motor Prozesse Virtuelle Prüfstände GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+
Advanced Flow Analysis Hydraulic Systems Thermal Management Aerodynamics Thermal Systems Flow Acoustics Engine Performance Virtual Bench Testing GT-SUITE STAR-CCM+

The Concept of Integrated Analysis

Process Integration

We customize our simulation techniques to your development environment. We use the information and boundary conditions you can and you want to supply to us. Besides we provide advice on how to efficiently integrate our simulation techniques into your individual virtual product creation process.

Integrated Toolsets

With GT-SUITE and STAR-CCM+ we have carefully chosen reliable and well developed tools to cover a large range of physical applications. We build up complex simulation systems using modular design principles with low coupling efforts. This results in very efficient and cost effective simulation techniques.

Integrated Simulation

We push the boundaries of simulation domains into regions where boundary conditions no longer affect the investigated component. This is true for our 3D analyses where we expand the integration domain to settled ambient regions. Or if necessary we further expand the simulation domain with the help of 1D systems simulation, where we apply different 1D/3D coupling techniques to capture sophisticated multi-physics systems.